Women and Mental Health, A Gala Celebrating Wellness

December 5, 2019

December 5, 2019

6:30 pm To 10:30 pm

Flatiron Loft, 873 Broadway, Loft 301, New York



Event Description

Enjoy an evening of conversation, lite bites, drinks and woo woo. Sit with a community of Mental Health experts and experts and Holistic practitioners from meditation, astrology, human design, yoga and other self-care, self-love practices in between.  Most importantly, you’ll find a community just like you. We’ll make it fun, so let’s ride this journey together.

Open to ALL genders.

We’re moving the conversation forward: Depression, Infertility, PostPartum, Anxiety, Miscarriage and other causes of mental health issues.  Leave the evening grounded.

Bites + Drinks provided by: BAAR BAAR , an Indian Gastro Restaurant



SARAH FINGER, Co-Founder of ISHTA YOGA and private Yoga Instructor to DEEPAK CHOPRA

BRUJAS OF BROOKLYN, Sisters and Drs. Rodriguez specializing in womb spirituality

LIZ BEECROFT, Psychotherapist and Mental Health Advocate

PALAK VANI, Mental Health Author

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