The Rohingyas in Bangladesh and Myanmar: A Case of “Subhuman” Life

October 11, 2019

October 11, 2019

12:30 pm To 2:00 pm

Room 607, King Juan Carlos 1 of Spain Center, 53 Washington Sqaure South, New York University, New York

Event Description

Citizenship is a legal status conferred by the state that makes non-citizens a new ‘other, a vulnerable category viewed as less than human that Uddin refers to as being treated as “sub-human”. This talk will focus on the state of Rohingyas in Bangladesh and Myanmar, illuminating an intricate relation of statelessness, human rights, and the paradox of “sub-human”.

 Speaker Bio: Nasir Uddin is a cultural anthropologist based inBangladesh, and Professor of Anthropology at Chittagong University. His forthcoming book, “The Rohingya:A Case of Subhuman” is due to published by Oxford University Press later this year. He is the co-editor of Deterritorialised Identity and Transborder Movement in South Asia(Springer, 2019).

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