Erasing Borders Dance Festival 2019

September 15, 2019

September 15, 2019

5:00 pm To 7:00 pm

Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre, 405 W 55th St, New York

Event Description

5:00-7:00 PM with Talk back to follow at the end

Performance line up

1. Radhe Jaggi: Sankara Srigiri
His body smeared with ash, his third eyes shining upon his forehead, with a garland of skulls adorning his chest Shiva danced the Celestial Dance. The bells of his anklet resound while the sages and deities watch in wonder. Sankara Srigiri is a kriti describing the dance of Shiva in the Chit Sabha. He is accompanied on instruments by all the gods who have gathered to watch.

2. IndianRaga: Tradition in Transition: New-Age Bharatanatyam

Tradition in Transition: New-Age Bharatanatyam
IndianRaga’s work seeks to prove that innovation and tradition are not mutually exclusive. “EDM Alarippu” uniquely pairs the well known Alarippu with electronic musical elements. Similarly, “Shiva Shambho” offers a new take on classical nritta, weaving in aspects of Shiva with intense footwork and dramatic poses. “Revelations” depicts a young woman’s struggle for her mother’s acceptance of her sexuality, while “Depression” exhibits the everyday struggle of living with mental illness. We see the future of Indian classical dance as highly relevant to the present day, and one that can transcend cultural, religious, and social boundaries.

3. Parijat Desai: Pardon My Heart
Pardon My Heart by Parijat Desai reimagines the lovelorn nayika. She talks to her heart, who answers back, and they dance out longing. Desai’s choreography weaves together dance with recitation of contemporary verse by poet Marcus Jackson and Pakistani legend Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and with Hindustani thumri and tarana music.

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