21st Grand Dushara Festival

October 5, 2019

October 5, 2019

1:00 pm To 8:00 pm

Lake Papaianni, 100 Municipal Blvd, Edison, NJ


Event Description

RAVAN BURNING and FIREWORKS: The festival ends with a bang with the burning of large effigies of King Ravan(encasing fire crackers) followed by fireworks.
RAMLEELA: The festival will have two-hour “Ram-Leela” by Navrang Dance Academy, which is a musical ballad, performed by over 75 professional dancers depicting the story of Lord Rama and the events leading to the epic battle with King Ravan, the all-powerful King of Lanka.
FUN n FOOD The event is an extremely colorful and lively family-friendly celebration with food stalls, Indian arts and crafts, henna artists, children’s’ rides and lots more
DANCES: The cultural program is an opportunity for local dance schools to showcase their talent.
HEALTH: A free medical camp provides screening and is attended by specialists from various fields. Also, special Detox Yoga instructor will coach Yoga.

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